Purple Chitral Weed

purple chitral weed

The purple chitral weed  of this strain comes from a group of molecules called anthocyanins. They are similar to the anthocyanins found in eggplants and plums, and they reflect violet frequencies of visible light. Because of this, you will find that a lot of cannabis has a little bit of purple tint to it. This can be a sign of higher levels of anthocyanins or just that the plant is healthy and happy!

This landrace is a pure Indica from Chitral, Pakistan, famous in the cannabis world for producing one of the best hashes. It has been bred since the mid 90s by Cannabiogen to enhance its most appealing characteristics. This variety is an explosion of colors, tastes and scents, being two main phenotypes: green and very colorful. Both phenotypes produce plants with excellent adaptability, short flowering time and generous resin productions with a relaxing and potent hash plant effect.

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A true delight for all indica lovers, this strain is not only gorgeous with its dense olive green colored buds and deep shades of purple but also delivers a very enjoyable high. With its medium THC potency and a very mellow stone, it is perfect for unwinding after a long day. It has a very pleasant aroma that oscillates between the sweet berry tartness and fruity flavors and the unmistakable raw earthy hash flavors of good Kush.

The terpene profile of this plant is very complex with high amounts of alpha pinene, moderate levels of limonene and terpinolene, and low to moderate amounts of beta pinene, gamma terpinene, cis-nerolidol and trans ocimene. Another great quality of this strain is its resistance to humidity, as it correctly ripens under rainy conditions, unlike most of the modern afghan hybrids that easily rot.

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