Spray Foam Insulation Glen Rose

spray foam insulation is a versatile insulation product that is used in many residential and commercial structures. It can be installed quickly and easily in homes and other structures, and it is more durable than fiberglass rolls or cellulose. Spray foam is also an energy-efficient choice and will lower your utility bills significantly. It can also help to prevent moisture in attics, basements and walls.

How Spray Foam Insulation Can Improve Comfort Levels in Your Glen Rose Property

The spray foam process uses two liquid chemicals that react to form a foam when they are applied with a spray gun. This allows the product to go into small and oddly shaped spaces that other types of insulation cannot reach. It is also an effective waterproof barrier and a great sound buffer.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is denser and harder than open-cell spray foam and provides a higher R-value per inch. It can be used to insulate all parts of a structure and is suitable for use around electrical wires, pipes and other ductwork. It can seal gaps, cracks and crevices that are a problem for other forms of insulation, including cellulose and fiberglass. It is considered flood damage-resistant by FEMA and helps to prevent water from entering a building.

With a much faster payback period than solar or geothermal, spray foam insulation is the top return on investment of any high-efficiency energy products available today. It is also the most cost-effective way to improve your home or business comfort and reduce energy waste.

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