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Wanderlust Portraits is a mobile portrait studio that elevates your wedding day experience with the elegance and professionalism of different photography styles. It’s more than just a photo; it’s an experience to cherish forever.

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Awaken Your Sense of Wonder

From towering mountain peaks cloaked in mist to serene lakes reflecting the colors of the sky, this collection of captivating landscape vistas inspires wanderlust and a desire to discover new horizons. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or an armchair adventurer, these images will touch your soul and ignite the fire in your spirit to explore our world.

Aim for more than just a head-and-shoulders portrait, and include details of their clothing or gear in your shot to show that you have genuine interest in them. This makes them feel less self-conscious in front of the camera and can result in more natural pictures. You can also try taking action shots of them doing something like weaving or cooking, which are more likely to capture their true character.

Photographer Michael Joseph’s new book Lost and Found published by Kehrer documents a contemporary American subculture of young travellers who “live nomadically on the road and the rails.” Shot in time-honoured black and white, the striking portraits portray individuals that are either rejecting or seeking out a life that isn’t prescribed for them by the mainstream. The portraits retain a dignity and do not romanticise or pity these individuals, instead capturing bruises, cuts, dirt and scars to convey a raw truth that is harrowingly honest.

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