How to Find a Day in HotelHow to Find a Day in Hotel

A day in hotel (or a “day use” room) can be a useful and convenient way to get some extra work done, relax or take a nap during a long layover. It can also offer a quiet place to set up personnal or professionnal meetings.

Depending on your needs, you can look for hotels that offer this service directly or through an app like HotelsByDay. These apps often have access to a wider range of hotel inventory and can find you a room at short notice. They also can offer exclusive deals and discounts.

You can also ask the hotel directly about their day booking policies, or check on their website. Be sure to mention any memberships or affiliations you might have, which may entitle you to special rates or other perks.

A Perfect Day in a Hotel: How to Create Your Ideal Daycation

Some hotels have policies in place to ensure that their day guests’ privacy and discretion are respected. For example, some may have separate entrances or dedicated areas for day guests to make it easier to keep your stay discreet. Others might even have a range of additional amenities available for day use, such as pool access or gym passes.

Finally, some hotels will have different cancellation policies for overnight stays versus day bookings. Make sure to review these before making your reservation to avoid any surprises. This is especially important if you need to cancel or modify your stay due to an unexpected event or change in plans.