Choosing a Shop Door

The shop door is a vital component of your business’s curb appeal and security. It is a first impression for customers and a barrier against weather, theft, and unauthorized access. Selecting the right commercial door for your establishment is a major decision, but it can be easy to overlook factors like energy efficiency, durability, customization, and branding opportunities.

There are three main types of shop doors: narrow stile, medium stile, and wide stile. Narrow stile shop doors have a lock stile, pivot/hinge stile, and a bottom rail that sits below the threshold of the opening. These doors are the most commonly used in retail storefronts.

A medium stile shop door is constructed of aluminum storefront doors with a lock stile, hinge stile, and top rail. They are heavier duty than narrow stile doors and can withstand heavy abuse. These types of doors are also commonly used in warehouses and commercial applications.

Shop Front Doors: Enhancing Curb Appeal and Security in One Design

Some aluminum storefront doors are constructed with welded corner welds. While this provides a stronger and more rigid structure, it can break if the door is hit or slammed. Other aluminum storefront doors use a tie rod assembly to hold the stiles and rails together. These doors are much easier to repair and are a great option for high-traffic areas.

Display windows are often seen in shops, which can be used to promote merchandise or show a sense of space and movement. A retail worker who arranges displays is known as a window dresser.

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