Legislative Monitoring – Track Legislation That Affects Your Business Or Organization

Legislative Monitoring

Legislative Monitoring is the practice of tracking legislation that affects your biz or organization, whether it’s at a local, state, or federal level. Effective legislative monitoring and reporting allows you to understand the effect of legislation before it becomes law, so you can take action to mitigate risk or capitalize on opportunities.

Keeping up with the ever-changing flow of bills and ordinances can be challenging for even the most experienced government affairs team. It’s impossible to watch every bill that is introduced or passes through various governing bodies, so it’s important to prioritize and stay focused on those laws that are most impactful. Using legislative tracking software helps you save time and focus on the more impactful tasks of engaging with legislators and other key stakeholders on your top legislative issues.

A legislative tracker makes it easy to get notified when the bills you’re tracking move forward. You can also set up custom alerts to notify you when a specific bill moves closer to the end of the process, so you never miss out on an opportunity to influence the outcome. This allows you to be proactive rather than reactive when responding to legislation, which is critical for achieving your policy goals.

The legislative system in most states closely models the federal system, but there are still significant differences between each jurisdiction and unique rules and procedures that must be understood to effectively monitor legislation at the state level. To help with this, the FiscalNote state legislative monitoring tool provides users with a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly solution for monitoring state legislation.

With a single subscription, you’ll have access to a full suite of state-level tools, including comprehensive legislative tracking, policy analysis and forecasting, targeted outreach, and much more. The data provided by the FiscalNote team is vetted and verified to ensure accuracy, while our state-specific legislative analysis, tailored delivery options, and unmatched staff support provide you with the best in state-level monitoring.

Whether you’re working on legislation related to alternative workforce models, student loan repayment, interprofessional education, teledentistry, tobacco regulations, or other topics, our state legislative tracking can give you the insight you need to drive success. You can view relevant bills in a list format, or on an interactive map of the United States that highlights states with pending legislation related to your selected topic.

If you have a large number of bills that need to be monitored, it’s important to use a legislative tracking tool that can handle the volume and complexity. While many organizations hire a lobbyist or field team to identify legislation, this is costly and can be difficult if the third parties have a long list of clients. Using a legislative tracking tool can reduce your costs and gives you the flexibility to customize the way you view and report on legislation. This is especially helpful when creating legislative reports that you share with leadership and other internal stakeholders. It can be an effective way to demonstrate the ROI of your team’s efforts and prove that their strategy is working.

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