Party Barge Rental on Lake Travis

Rather than rent a banquet hall or pizza shop, host your party on one of our party barge rental. It’s the perfect way to get all of your friends and family together under the same roof without turning your home into a frat party wasteland.

Whether it’s a themed birthday bash, a lobster feast on a dinner cruise, or just a laid-back happy hour float, a party boat rental can offer a unique quality and atmosphere that traditional venues just can’t match. Guests can dance, enjoy tasty food fresh off the grill, or slide down a super fast fun water slide! And when you need a refill on ice or drinks, the onboard ship store makes it easy.

Floating Fiesta: Tips for Hosting a Lively Event with a Party Barge Rental

Unlike many bad rental “companies” on Lake Travis, we treat our customers like the friends they are and not a nuisance from the time they reserve their party barge. It’s a terrible shame that so many companies mistreat their customers, but it’s the unfortunate reality of doing business in such a competitive industry. We hope that you choose to work with us and see what makes KAW the preferred party barge rental on Lake Travis.

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