The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

triple eccentric butterfly valve

A triple eccentric butterfly valve is a metal-seated type of valve with high shut-off performance, adjustable opening and closing, and long service life. It is widely used in metallurgy, steel, electric power, and the petroleum industry for stopping and regulating medium conveying processes. It has the advantage of easy operation and low maintenance costs. However, it must be inspected regularly and all sealing components must be properly maintained or replaced in order to guarantee proper operation. Check this out:  Go here

The Triple Eccentric Valve’s design features two counterbalance contrasts, resulting in a disc-stem assembly that is self-centering with no friction between the valve seat and the body wall. This eliminates structural vibration that can result from the fluid pressure fluctuations close to the seat wall that generate alternating forces and cause wedging of the disc against the valve body seat.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

This design also eliminates rubbing between the valve seat and seal ring, reducing seat and seal wear and extending cycle life. This valve uses a Stellite valve body seat that has an optimized angle for the valve plate’s sealing surface.

The triple eccentric butterfly valve has a double seat type design that combines an elastomeric or graphite seal with a stainless steel seat. The elastomeric or graphite seats can be field-replaceable if necessary, making it a highly versatile valve. Its fire-safe design is ideal for use in applications where tight bubble shut-off is required and it can be used in a range of media, including acidic and corrosive liquids. It is also easy to maintain and possesses many advantages over other types of industrial valves, such as gate and ball valves.

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