Montreal Mushrooms

As the world embraces psychedelic mushrooms, Montreal is at the forefront. The city is home to multiple clinics, dispensaries and online shops that offer shrooms montreal. Montreal’s mushroom enthusiasts are also increasingly able to take the hallucinogens at home through mail-order delivery services. High-quality psilocybin mushrooms are available at dispensaries with names like Fun Guyz and House of Mushrooms. They’re available as dried fungi, microdose capsules, chocolate bars, and nootropic teas. Go here

The storefronts are hard to miss. Paintings of rainbow fungi decorate the windows at places with names like FunGuyz and Shroom City. Outside, employees hand out discount fliers to passersby. Even though the sale, possession and growing of magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, dispensaries like Larsen’s are thriving.

Some stores have been raided, and officers have made arrests. But they seem to reopen quickly, as more mushrooms are sold than are confiscated. And while the government hasn’t legalized mushrooms, it has granted dozens of exemptions for people nearing death to use them.

Unlocking the Mysteries: Delving into Montreal’s Shroom Community”

But as the mushroom resurgence continues, many experts say it’s important to have an honest conversation about how the drugs are being cultivated, distributed and used. They say that if the psychedelic industry is going to succeed, it must be held to higher standards than cannabis. That means setting fair prices and making sure that the money is benefiting local communities. It also means ensuring that the drugs are safe from a medical perspective, and that users are well supported after their experiences.

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