Types of Pothole Repair

Pothole repairs are dangerous for cars, motorcycles and pedestrians and they cause damage to your pavement. Leaving them unattended can lead to further cracking and costly repairs in the future. It is therefore essential to tend to your pavement and repair potholes immediately. Not only will this improve the safety of your pavement but it will also look great.

There are several types of pothole repair available depending on the size, depth and location of the damage. In most cases patching is sufficient to repair small to medium sized potholes. This is a simple process of filling and compacting the area with either cold or hot asphalt. The resulting repair is usually permanent, but it may need to be repeated on a regular basis.

Professional Solutions: The Importance of Proper Pothole Repairs

For large potholes or full-depth repairs, a more extensive process of removal and replacement can be used. This is more expensive but it does create a permanent repair which is less likely to deteriorate in the future.

Whatever type of repair you choose, the product you use must be HAPAS (Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme) approved. This ensures that the product has passed rigorous independent testing and is long lasting. When applying a cold asphalt patch, it is advisable to prepare the area by cleaning out all debris and square up the edges of the hole. Then top with coarse gravel and sand, followed by filling the pothole to a level that is slightly higher than the surrounding pavement and tamping down firmly.

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