Police Flags Collection


Police Flags Collection | Ultimate Flags Store officers represent a thin line of safety between society’s law-abiding citizens and the criminally inclined. They embody the courage that Ronald Reagan praised in his quote “Evil is powerless when good men stand unafraid.” Our selection of Thin Blue Line Flags honors our police officers, sheriff deputies, state troopers, local police departments, federal agents and their dispatchers.

When displayed with Old Glory, the police police flag should be positioned underneath the American flag vertically or on its left side if positioned horizontally. When an officer is killed in the line of duty, the police department should display a mourning flag and lowering it to half-staff.

Back the Blue: Police Flags Collection

We also carry other variations of the police flag that can be used for various occasions. These include a blue and gold version that can be used to represent police, sheriff’s departments, state troopers and other emergency service personnel. We also have a black police flag that can be used to represent the death of an officer or in a memorial service.

In addition to our flags, we have police and emergency service ribbons that are perfect for supporting your local officers. The simple blue crossed ribbons are ideal for showing support at home, while the ribbons featuring a thin red line that separates two black lines to specifically support firefighters is perfect to wear on your person during special events. In addition to these, we also have a variety of other police and emergency service flags to help celebrate your local heroes!

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